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A (very) close-up of what rests of a blowball.

3 responses to “Blowball”

  1. mvodak says:

    awesome. I just wonder how did you take it…. obviously indoors but how did you manage to move such fragile thing as this one? beautiful work. perhaps just one thing – the shadow on the head of the flower is a bit too strong, hmm, but at least its more 3D. great work.

  2. Stefan Schwarzer says:

    Actually, I was walking on a forest path with my two baby kids, while my wife was giving a workshop there in the forest. So, no real occasion for taking pictures. I showed my daughter this plant so she could try it out – and she loved it (she is 2,5 years old). I picked one (the only one left at the side of the path), and went back to our car (VW-bus) where I put by kids asleep. Then I got our our travel chair, fixed the flower on a bag, put it on the chair and by laying the camera (with extension tubes) on the armrest, I started my work. Sometimes the wind was blowing, so I really had to wait for the short moments of absolute wind stillness… And 20 minutes later, the youngest was starting crying… So back to my family obligations… 🙂

    P.S.: Interesting comment on the shadow. Would be nice to see what difference it would make. Next time… 🙂

  3. ze courlis says:

    oh, magnifique ….

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